Humidity Maintenance & Troubleshooting

What if Humidity Levels are too Low?
For the first few days after the humidor is filled with cigars, be sure to occasionally check its hygrometer to make certain the humidifier does not require a re-soak. Overly dry or humid climates that are extreme which bring on cold or hot temperatures may require more frequent monitoring. A reading of 68-70% relative humidity (RH) is most desirable, although a bit above or below (64-72% depending on preference) is not detrimental to your cigars. Once the humidity drops few percentage points below the chosen ideal RH, it is time re-charge the humidifier. If the desired humidity level is still not reached, consider adding additional humidification devices (like humidifier gel jars, gel tubes or additional humidifiers)

What if Humidity Levels are too High?
Occasionally a humidor will become overly saturated or its humidity level will be too high. If this is the case, leave the humidor open partially to allow some of the moisture to escape or add additional cigars into the humidor. The cigars will assist in absorbing some of the excess humidity. If this still is not sufficient in reducing the moisture level, remove the humidifier for a period of time.