Cigar Preservation Overview

Cigars generally absorb their environment much like a sponge which can have a dramatic impact on the way they smoke and feel. If they are kept in a less than optimal environment, cigars can turn dry or become overly saturated. If they are stored properly, your cigars will age, burn and smoke in perfect balance.

For optimum cigar preservation, your humidor is best kept indoors in temperatures under 77 degrees. Average room temperatures are often maintained by air conditioning and fall between 68-77 degrees so in most instances temperature is something that you do not need to worry about.

The ideal relative humidity (RH) level for cigar maintenance in a humidor ranges between 64-72%. Depending on the smoker’s preference, this range can be higher or lower. However, one should always avoid humidity levels over 75% or temperatures over 77 degrees due to the risk of mold growth or hatching tobacco beetles which can potentially ruin your cigars.